Frequency conversion help

I have been plauged with this particular problem for a while. I have experimented with some solutions but so far haven’t come up with anything usable.

Here is the problem:
I have a signal that is a 0-12v square wave that varies in frequency from 0-350Hz. I’m not sure of the duty cycle though I don’t think it matters in this case. I need to change this signal by multiplying it by 1-1/3 (1.33333), resulting in a 0-12v square wave with a 0-466.67Hz frequency range.
So say for a 100Hz input I need a 133Hz output.

Is there an easy way to do this? One thing I have tired was using a frequency to voltage converter and then a voltage to frequency converter. The idea was to change the voltage where the two converters connect in order to try and scale it accordingly. The particular ICs I was using didn’t seem to allow the voltage to be low enough to get it to where it would scale on that small of a scale. I was using these ICs from Microchip: … 21483d.pdf

Is there a better way to do this? Are there any components available on this site to accomplish this? I have also thought about using a simple microcontroller but haven’t thought too hard about this.

Thanks for the help!


We don’t carry anything particularly applicable to your problem. I would probably just do it with a microcontroller since I have them around and it would be easy to modify the behavior.

- Jan

Would you expect any issues since the frequency is relatively so low? This is basically a counter with reference to time.
I get a number of pulses that correspond to an event, and there are 6 pulses per event but I want to convert it to 8 pulses for an event to make it compatable with what’s looking at the signal.

There could be all kinds of issues, but that’s why I was talking about how it’s easy to modify the behavior on the microcontroller. For the really low frequency, you could measure the time between pulses, find the centers of the pulses if their widths are changing, and so on.

- Jan