Free roam Zumo 32U4 sketch


I am very new to the bot world and have been beating my head against the wall with trying to find information on the net to learn how to code using Arduino Sketch. Can someone please share with me a simple free roam code to look at as well as upload and use on my new Zumo 32U4 bots? All I’m looking to have them do is avoid obstacles by turning and or just going around them. Any help would be great. What is a good book to buy for self education to do with programing these bots as well as the Aurdrino?

Thank you.


We do not have any specific examples for obstacle avoidance for the Zumo 32U4. You might consider modifying the “FaceTowardsOpponent” example including in our “Zumo 32U4 Arduino library” on our GitHub page for the Zumo 32U4. If you get started with your sketch and run into problems, you can post what you have so far and we would be glad to offer some suggestions.

I do not have any specific recommendations for books you might look into. However, the Arduino Playground is a good place to look at what other people have done:

Additionally, the Arduino forum is great when you are looking for Arduino programming advice: