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Forums moved to new site


We have moved the Pololu robotics forum over to a new home here at https://forum.pololu.com/ and updated the forum software. We’ll be customizing the appearance and features of this site over the next few weeks; please give it a try and let us know if anything is not working for you. The RSS feed is currently unavailable, but we hope to have that up and running again shortly.



Aah! It’s all blue!

Actually I’m just writing to say that the “keep me logged in” feature doesn’t seem to be working right. I’m logged in now, but if I trim the address line down to just suddenly I’m logged out again. If I don’t select “keep me logged in” I stay logged in for the browser session.

Other than that it looks nice. I like that the message I’m replying to appears at embedded text, not in a too-small box!



Hey, thanks for noticing that. I had misconfigured the session cookies. Does it work better for you now?


Works for me!



Checking out this new version of the forums, especially the subscribe feature (which has been a long time coming!) but the announcements forum doesn’t seem to have subscription enabled.




I’ve enabled subscription for the Announcement forum. … At least I think I have… Please let me know if I messed anything up!

- Ben