Forum issue

I wrote a lengthy description of my issue about programming and included a script for others to help me with. Then I went for dinner, came back, finished up and hit SUBMIT.

The system asked me to login again, so I did and went back to the previous page.

Guess what ? Nothing there. It erased it. Can you fix this please?


I am sorry you had trouble posting to the forum. It looks like you tried again and successfully posted about your issue. We are not sure what happened and cannot recover posts like this from our logs. Is it possible that you have some kind of cookie blocker/cleaner installed that could have logged you out? I recommend allowing cookies from our site, checking the “Log me on automatically each visit” option when you log in, and making use of the “Save draft” button. Using the back button in the browser (at least on Google Chrome) should get you back to your content even if you do get logged out. However, the post editor is indeed not that great, so it’s probably a good idea to save a backup copy of any long posts just in case.