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Forum down / restored from backup

In an unlucky event, both hard drives of a RAID pair on the server at forum.pololu.com failed some time Monday morning, causing us to lose all posts made after our last backup on Monday at 3:30 am PST. There were some high-quality contributions made during this time, and we hope that the authors will be able to recreate most of what we lost.

We think that the timing with respect to our move to a new server was just a coincidence, as we’ve had several accounts open with this ISP for more than six months without any other serious problems. In addition, while restoring from the backup, we decided to move to a better server, to make the forum faster and more reliable. Please let us know if you have any problems with the latest configuration of the Pololu forums.

Thanks for you patience!

Wow, way to have a raid AND do frequent backups!

Nice job integrating the forum with the main site too! I notice that, while you can search an individual forum, there doesn’t seem to be a way to search all the forums at once any more.


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Oops, sorry for deleting that search. I’ve added an “Advanced search” link to the navigation bar at the top; I hope that will be good enough until we can include forum results in the main site search. You may also notice that the RSS feed is active again - could you let us know if you still experience the same problems with it logging you off that you had before?

The search is super, but I’m not seeing any RSS links…


It shows up as an orange icon to the right of the URL in Firefox and IE7, or you can go directly to https://forum.pololu.com/rss.php. I’ll put in a more obvious link after it’s been up for a while and there are no complaints.

You know, I even looked up in the address bar, but I think I was looking for it on the left, where the website icon usually goes. You can tell how much RSSing I do.

Anyway, it seems to work great now, I’ve been subscribed and logged in for a few hours with no trouble.