Force-Sensing Linear Potentiometer Connector

I’m looking for a connector for:
Force-Sensing Linear Potentiometer: 1.4″×0.4″ Strip

I couldn’t find the recommended part: 04FM-1.0SP-1.9-TF
at the places I normally buy parts.

I found a 4 position Amphenol FCI Clincher Connector, part number 66226-004LF (649-66226-004LF at Do you think this will work?


I do not think the connector you linked to will work since it has a pitch of 2.54mm, not 1mm like the ribbon cable from the linear potentiometer.

You might check out this Digi-Key product page for an FFC cable that appears similar to the cable from our linear potentiometer. The bottom of that product page shows a number of compatible connectors, and it is possible those would work with our item #2729 as well (but we have not verified this).

- Patrick

I didn’t notice the 1mm pitch thanks for the correction.

Thanks for the info but I think you’re suggesting a ribbon cable not a connector to for the potentiometer. The info on the part page does not recommend a connector for the cable.

Could I separate each contact and then crimp a connection onto each separate contact of the potentiometer?

I am not suggesting the ribbon cable; I am suggesting checking out the compatible connectors listed near the bottom of that page under the “For Use With” heading.

You could potentially crimp connectors onto the contacts if you have small enough crimps for that, but I do not have any suggestions for where to find crimps that small.

- Patrick