Flashing red light Pololu Micro Maestro 6 Channel

Hello everyone,
I have the following problem: I have a Micro Maestro 6 Channel. A button is connected to Channel 0, and 3 servos are connected to Channels 3-5. I have a 100K resistor at the +5V pin and the Button and a bridge between VIN and PRW1.

When I connect the board to the PC via USB and provide battery power to BAT with 4x 1.5V, the script works perfectly.

However, when I unplug the USB cable and run the power supply only through BAT, the board starts to blink red. I have alternatively connected a power bank with 5V output, and then everything runs without problems. With 3x 1.5V batteries, nothing happens; the servos don’t run, and 4x 1.5V seems to overwhelm the board. Is it correct that I can only operate the board with 5V?

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Hello, Chris.

The Maestro’s operating voltage is 5-16V, so three 1.5V batteries will not be enough. Four 1.5V batteries might be okay depending on how much current your servos are drawing and how much current draw your batteries can handle. In your case, it sounds like the current draw from the servos is causing the battery voltage to drop under 5V and cause the Maestro to reset.


Hi Brandon,

So the solution would be to possibly use 5 or 6 1.5V batteries or even more until it runs the way I need it to?

Cheers Chris

There are a few options for solving that problem.

You haven’t said what specific kind of batteries you’re using, but if you’re using something like AAA batteries, you might try upgrading to AA instead since they can handle more current. Similarly, if you’re using Alkaline batteries right now, you might try switching to rechargable NiMH batteries. NiMH batteries have a lower voltage (1.2V), but tend to provide more capacity in high current draw applications. Another option could be powering the Maestro logic and the servo power rail from separate power supplies. Adding an extra battery like you suggested might work okay too, but please note that servos typically have a nominal operating voltage of 4.8-6V. If you don’t need your project to be portable/battery operated, you could also consider powering it from something like this 5V, 3A wall power adapter (you can use something like a barrel jack to 2-pin terminal block adapter to connect that kind of power adapter to the Maestro).


I am using AA-LR6 general alkaline batteries, so maybe i will try to use the rechargable NiMH batteries because when i am using my 5V out powerbank it works great.

Thaks for the help!

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