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Flash Memory could not be read


I’m getting the message “Flash Memory could not be read” when connecting the wixel to my laptop - I’m a novice to this… Any help would be really appreciated…


Hello, Cathal.

What app did you load onto the Wixel? Please note that the Wixel does not come preloaded with an application, so if you have never programed your Wixel and tried to read its flash memory, that would explain why you are getting that error. Can you try loading an example application (e.g. Blink LE App v1.0) onto the Wixel to see if that changes anything? (If you do not know how to load an app onto the Wixel, you can follow the instructions under the “Loading an Example App” section of the Wixel User’s Guide.)

- Amanda

Thanks Amanda,

It is the xDrip (DexDrip) app for Nightscout which I was loading onto the
Wixel but I’ve managed to get it working thanks to your advice…

Thanks again, very much appreciated!