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Fix 25D Metal Gearmotor Bracket and RP5/Rover 5

How to fix 25D mm Metal Gearmotor Bracket on RP5/Rover 5 Expansion Plate RRC07B (Wide) Solid? Please provide examples.


It sounds like you are asking about mounting the 25D mm metal gearmotor bracket on the RP5/Rover 5 Expansion Plate RRC07B (Wide). The expansion plate has many ways you can mount those brackets because it has many slots. We do not have any on hand examples, but if you tell me more about how you want to mount them, I might be able to give you more advice.


Yes. You understand all correctly. I want to mount gearmotor brackets as symmetrically as possible. But due to the floating structure of the Expansion Plate it is quite difficult to reach. So maybe you know good places for that?


Could you provide a diagram or example showing where you want to mount the brackets and the issue you are concerned about?


I think I just need customized for my needs plate

It looks like you should be able to mount the brackets using the spots circled in the image above. Is there a reason you cannot? If you are interested in getting something custom, you might consider our custom laser cutting service.


@grant Thank you for the answer but my droving was not precise enough and there is no such places (next time check by yourself :wink: ).

It is better to close this discussion. I just need custom solution for my needs.

Thank you for your time and efforts!