Fitting 12 AWG wire in 1.02 mm hole

I’m using 12 AWG wire to connect my battery to a D30V30F5 5V voltage regulator (Pololu # 4892), and I’m not sure how I’m supposed to fit 12 AWG wire (or really anything larger than ~18 AWG) to the 1.02 mm diameter Vin and GND pins. Soldering and stepping my wire up to 18/20 AWG cable seems wrong. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Soldering a short section of a smaller diameter wire between your large wire and board sounds okay to me. Another option you could consider is cutting some of the strands in your wire short until the diameter of the remaining strands fits the 0.040″ hole.

By the way, we just released larger, adjustable versions of that regulator (D30V33MAx), and they have 0.060″ holes for VIN, GND, and VOUT, so one of those could be another option in future projects if you have the space for it.

- Patrick