First time using AltIMU-10 v5


I just unpacked my new AltIMU-10 v5 sensor I bought some time ago and started to configure it for my fishing boat’s Autopilot system.
I tried to make first contact with it by doing like chapter “Sample Code” says on webpage

I managed to make contact with altimeter without doing any changes to any register settings but gyro and magnetometer says only “Failed to detect and initialize IMU!” when try those examples… I’m using Arduino Due but I also tried with mega2650 just to have same result. Arduino IDE version is 1.6.5

Does anyone has any instructions how to set registers like they should be to make’em alive ?



I scanned I2C bus and result was like this:

I2C scanner. Scanning …
Found address: 25 (0x19)
Found address: 30 (0x1E)
Found address: 93 (0x5D)
Found address: 107 (0x6B)
Found 4 device(s).

So it seems that chip is operational but everything else than altimeter are in deep sleep :slight_smile:

Hello, Tommi.

I am sorry you are not able to communicate with your AltIMU-10. Can you post pictures that show all of your connections? Also, can you tell me specifically which program from which library you are running?


Hello Jon

Here are zipped libraries which I’ve used and some photos I took about my connections…
Basicly connections are like

VIN - 3.3V

Exact programs in these libraries are:

  1. \lsm6-arduino-master\examples\Serial\Serial.ino
    => Result: “Failed to detect and initialize IMU!”

  2. \lis3mdl-arduino-master\examples\Serial\Serial.ino
    => Result: “Failed to detect and initialize magnetometer!”

  3. \lps-arduino-master\LPS\examples\SerialMetric\SerialMetric.ino
    => Result: “p: 993.16 mbar a: 168.60 m t: 24.21 deg C” (26.6 KB)
SOME (770.1 KB)

Thanks for helping me :slight_smile:


I suspect that your SainsMart Uno uses 5V logic signals, and you are supplying a logic voltage of 3.3V to the AltIMU-10. Can you instead connect 5V to the IMU’s VIN and see if you can get the other sensors working?