First time - need help with pololu 6 channel USB controler


this is my first time here.
apart from RC cars ive never delved into this before.
i just received in the mail a micro power hd servo and a pololu meastro 6 channel servo controller for a project i had in mind.
i wired everything up and was eager to try it out.
it all lights up ok, servo arm moves.
when i start the software controller and enable the servo, it just starts going around in circles. using the slider i can either slow it down or speed it up but it does not act like a servo, instead it just keeps going around continuously.

it stops when i disable it in the meastro controller check box (under the status page)
when i enable it again, it just goes off continuously in circles.

any and all help is much appreciated fellas.


anything im doing wrong? some way to reset this or is something defective somewhere?


That’s strange since the servo shouldn’t even be capable of turning all the way around. You can confirm that the problem is with the servo by plugging it into one of your RC systems and separately trying some of your other servos with the Maestro.

- Jan


just tried using a different servo.
the servo was defective.

PS- customer service was great.


Just a thought, but I’m not sure your previous servo was defective.

I modded one of my old servos to be a continuous rotation servo and it seems to me like this is what you have.

Firstly, if it was a normal servo it probably wouldn’t be able to spin in a 360 deg. arch simply because the stop that’s molded into the gear wouldn’t allow it.

Secondly, the slowing and speeding up your experiencing are indicative of a modded servo which has a potentiometer that is not centered. If you center the potentiometer then you will be able to hook it up and, by use of the sliders in the Maestro Control Center, be able to find the value at which the servo stops moving (it should be near the center of the slider bar).

Once you know this you can use your code to determine what Script value it corresponds to. Now you have a command that will stop the servo.

You’ll find that now, instead of only speeding up and going slow in one direction, if you slide the slider to the right it will incrementally increase the rotation speed clockwise, and if you slide the slider in the opposite direction from your ‘stop’ point it will incrementally increase the rotation in the counter-clockwise direction.

I found this out a few nights ago by experimenting with an old modded servo I pulled out of my “Incredibly Useless Machine.” Also, one of the awesome guys on here later responded to a post I had previously made telling me the same thing. Aren’t these guys awesome? “^-^”

It could be a broken servo, but it just sounds WAY too much like what I was playing with a few nights ago.


thanks for the reply Cenyu,

unfortunately i needed and bought a standard servo and this was brand new out of the packet.
its replacement works just fine like how its supposed to.