First problem

Dear all,

I have just started with my Baby Orangutan B-328 + USB AVR Programmer Combo and I have my first problem already… I have made all necessary installations including the AVR studio 4 and I am trying to download the simple-test project from the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library.

This small program flashes the red LED light on the Baby Orangutan B-328 controller. The Programmer connects ok. At the first time when I downloaded the test.hex file, it worked perfectly (I saw the red-LED flashing)! Then, I erased the flash memory using the Erase Device button on the programmer area, and I restarted (for my own reasons) my computer.

From that time and after, the programmer connects to the controller and downloads the test.hex file ok, but NO red-LED flashing occurs on the Baby Orangutan controller.

I am afraid that something is wrong with my controller device.

Please advise.