Finding bottles and gathering them

For the robotics competition that my students will be attending we need our zumo32u4 bots to find soda pop bottles (plastic kind) and gather them on a table. What program would be best for this activity? How would you suggest we program the zumobots to accomplish this task?


In the Zumo 32U4 library, there is an object detection program called, FaceTowardsOpponent, which uses the front proximity sensors on the Zumo 32U4, that can help you get started. You probably will need to test and make some adjustments in the code for the competition environment (e.g. reflectance of the various plastics used) . As for how to go about programming the Zumo 32U4 for the other tasks involved (e.g. picking up plastic bottles), if you can post more about the course layout and guidelines and your plans on how to collect and move the plastic bottles, I might be able to offer some suggestions.

- Amanda

The Face toward opponent did locate the soda pop bottle but I am not sure how to get it to move the bottle to a fixed point on the table. I tried using the example program for competition and it did knock the bottle down. Is there a way to have multiple examples to run at once? Is there a way to have multiple examples run in sequential order? Is there a way to get it to slowly move the bottle to a fixed point on the sumo ring?

No, you cannot run multiple sketches at once or run them in sequential order. You will need to combine and modify the example code so it accomplishes the tasks outlined by the competition. Since it sounds like you are new to programming, I recommend trying to understand what each line of code in the Zumo 32U4 examples you plan to use does before continuing. If there is a specific line or function you do not understand, let me know, and I would be happy to explain.

As for your last question, there are many ways you can move an object to a fixed destination on a course. For example, if the starting position of your robot is always known, you could track your movements using the Zumo 32U4’s encoders like many of the robots in our dead reckoning competition.

- Amanda