Field of view of a "long range" Sharp sensor?

What is the angular field of view of the Sharp optical distance sensor? I did not see this on the data sheet. Or maybe I should ask:

  1. How wide does an object need to be to be seen.

  2. If there is a wall with an open doorway, how wide in angles does the doorway need to be before it can be detected. I

What I’d like to do is place one of these on a motor and rotate it in steps and make a crude male of surroundings, I am wondering about the annular resolution of the resulting map. I’m guessing it will be maybe 20 degrees? But worse like 90?

I know the answer is “it depends” but I’m looking for ballpark numbers


The manufacturer, Sharp, does not specify detection pattern or beam width, and we have not characterized it. However, from my experience, the detection beam is pretty narrow (I’d estimate a few degrees).

- Grant