Female header products

I’m prototyping a flight controller test jig. I’m wanting to have the jig test signals going in and out of a DJI NAZA flight computer along with the radio receiver. It’s going to be a Arduino UNO based jig.
The NAZA has a 3x8 servo pin lay out. The Spektrum receiver is 7 channels and has a 3x7 servo pin lay out. The other 3 pins on the bottom of the receiver is the binding header and I have that already taken care of.

I need to know if the female headers part numbers 1658 and 1038 will fit on those header pins with out having to mod the housings on the NAZA or the receiver. If they do I have an order in the que to get them. If not will the single row female headers fit? I have the 7 and 8 pin versions sitting in the que also. But I’d rather just get what will work.

I will mod the cases for both if need be, but I’d really rather keep them to OEM specs.


I cannot tell if our female headers would work with your receivers. You can check the dimensions of the female headers against your receivers. However, I suspect our headers might not fit correctly, especially for the receiver in the bottom picture. Instead, you should probably get the connector that is supposed to work with your receiver. When you find out what connectors work with your receivers, you might take a look at our connectors to see if one of those would work for you.

- Grant

I should have seen that. The 2 outer sets of pins are 01 as is the center 3 sets. In between the sets appears to be 02. Having opened the receiver case I verified that. The pins are mounted to a circuit board and that board to the main board. I don’t have any issues with Spektrum other than how they laid out those pins. (OK there’s my shameless plug)

I guess I could fab a breakout board with the pins spaced out accordingly. I’m really not looking forward to another board and a higher parts count. Fortunately the NAZA has equal pin spacing at 01.


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What’s the pin length on the 3x8 female headers?
Do they plug into themselves?
Is there a 3x8 eqv of this
Stackable 0.100″ Female Header with Extra 0.3″ Spacer: 2x20-Pin, Straight

I’m making training robots for BEST Robotics Inc, using the Vex Cortex controller.
for Simulink programming training classes in Summer of 2019.
There are a bunch of 3-wire servo cables to move, if I need to swap out the controller.
I’d like to plug all the robot wires into headers to keep them organized, then plug the headers into the Vex sockets.
I’ve tried hot-gluing the wires together, but I can’t get them reliably square
Suggestions appreciated.


That sounds like a neat organizing trick! The pin length on our 3x8 female headers is 3mm, which is not long enough for them to plug into one another securely (they’re just intended for soldering to PCB through-holes), and we don’t have any versions in relevant sizes with longer pins. Have you tried wrapping the servo cable connectors in something like electrical tape to keep them together in a single block (you can first plug them into something that will hold them together and in the proper orientation before taping)?