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Feetech FT5335M shaft coupler?

Is there any data on the specs for the spline on this servo? I would like to connect it to a D-shaft for use in raising a skeleton’s arm. But I can’t find the info on the spline it has so I can get a coupler to mate with it. The servo is great, but I can’t use the horns for this task. I was also open to using a servo block if that is available but cannot find anything like that to mate with this. Perhaps there is an adaptor you sell?

Thanks in advance (I did read the data sheet and see there are 17 teeth on the spline, I measured the outside diameter as 8.9mm with calipers, but it seems like there are no products that work with this … making me think I must be searching for the wrong term)


We do not have any more detailed information about the servo spline on the FEETECH FT5335M.

If you have not seen it already, you might check out this metal horn that you can use with that servo. Perhaps you might be able to find some adapter that can interface with that. Unfortunately, we do not have any other adapters intended for the FT5335M, but if you can post a drawing of what you are looking for, we could pass that on to FEETECH to see if they have or are aware of anything that might work.

- Patrick

Thank you, I did purchase the horn already. As I was working on it I just realized a servo block or shaft plus universal joint would be a better mechanical connection. I tried using a different servo instead but sadly the mounting block sold as compatible is not (unless you don’t mind shearing off some wires).