Feedback pin on D24V60F5

Hello all,

Would it be possible to use the feedback pin on the D24V60F5 to limit the current on the input side? The idea is to use the regulator with a bike dynamo; in that case you want to control the impedance of the load so that the output power can be maximised. For instance, output a maximum of 5 V from an input voltage between 6 and 30 V, without exceeding 200 mA on the input side.



It is unclear what you are trying to do. The FB pin is used to decrease the output voltage of the regulator to a desired value by adding an external resistor and not for limiting current. The regulator will only draw as much power as your load demands. If you are stepping down and your load only draws 200mA, the input current should not exceed 200mA.

- Jeremy

Essentially I’m trying to configure the feedback pin as a supply-side current limit. The maximum power the input can deliver, the input voltage and the output load are all variable. The input voltage will drop when the load is increased; the input power is maximal around 200 mA, and decreases for lower and for higher current.

So, I would like the load to be able to draw up to 1 A at 5 V from the output, as long as the input current stays under 200 mA. In other words, as the input current increases above 200 mA the output voltage should gradually drop towards 0 V.

Is there any datasheet for the buck driver on this board and for the components already connected to its FB pin?

We do not reveal the identity of the regulator IC or subcomponents on that board. As I mentioned in my previous post, the FB pin is used to change the output voltage and not meant for current limiting. If you are looking to limit your input current to 200mA, you might consider adding a current limiting circuit to the input of the regulator.

- Jeremy