Features for a Brushless controller

Deal Pololu,

If, one day, you introduce brushless controllers to your lineup, please can you include the ability for us to measure the current that is being drawn by the motor (so our software can detect loads and deal with potential stalls in advance of it occurring…)


Hello, Chris.

Thank you for the suggestion; we’ll try to keep it in mind. Unfortunately, we do not have any plans to make brushless motor controllers/drivers any time soon.

- Ryan

Ti makes some nice drivers in need of breakouts :slight_smile: You should totally reconsider it.

Brushless with quality FOC sensorless control is available these days. As long as it’s a brushless connected to a gearbox you can expect customers to not have too many problem.

+1 to a brushless driver (pwm, serial, i2c or spi controlled)
If it has encoder option, then the best.