Faulty Solarbotics RW2i Wheels


My name is Mert Oztoprak.I live in Turkey. I have ordered 30 pieces of Solarbotics RW2i Wheel on April 25. I received them on 28th. I was busy for some time, so i could try these wheels 1 week later i received. Result is very sad. I can surely say that, these wheels are faulty. 17 out of 30 of these wheels cannot be mounted to motor shaft properly. I could mount some of them by pushing very hardly, but wheel looks tilted. I think, center of these wheels could not be drilled precisely at right angle. My english is not very good, I hope i could explain my problem. Here is the photos i took:

You can see the tilted wheel:

Faulty Wheels:

Another faulty wheel:

I wonder how pololu can help me for this problem?



We are sorry you received bad wheels, and we are contacting Solorbotics about this issue. Unfortunately, at this time we do not have enough wheels to send you replacements, but we will send you some once they are available.

- Emily