Faulty esc burned down?


I am building a foam airplane but when testing my electronics the esc burned down.
I use the following parts.

Motor: Brushless, A22 12, 27KV, 14-22A, out runner
Battery: 3000 mAh Lipo battery, 3cell, 11.1V, 30-40C
Brushless ESC: 30A, Yellow Shrinked included BEC

My question is if this are correct electronics to use or if I might have a wrong ESC/Battery? As far as I understood my ESC has to have 10% more A then the motor and therefore the battery 10% more A then the ESC.


We are not familiar with the particular components you mention, so we cannot give you a definitive answer for why your system failed the way it did. In general, the current drawn by a given electric motor will depend primarily on the mechanical load on the motor. If you have a large mechanical load on a small motor with and smaller ESC it is possible that the ESC would fail first and switching to an larger ESC would then cause the motor to fail instead. Conversely, running a large motor with a very light mechanical load using a small ESC might work fine.

Also, you should be aware that current ratings can mean different things. For instance, we provide curves that show the stall current, no-load current, and current at peak efficiency in the datasheets for our motors. We generally provide a continuous current rating for our motor controllers, though they can handle higher currents for short periods of time without being damaged. We generally recommend using a motor controller that can handle the stall torque of the attached motor continuously.