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Fastest accelerometer

I have an application where I’d like to have measurement of acceleration of up to 10gs at a sample rate minimum of 1000Hz. Is this possible with accelerometers sold at Pololu? If so what do you recommend for a system? I was thinking I can store the 5 seconds of data i need in memory before saving to an sd card.


Check the “output data rate” specification in the data sheet. 1 kHz is typically the maximum for consumer grade accelerometers.

Thanks. Have you tested any at high speed? I’m using Arduino microcontrollers as a DAQ system, do you think that the whole system would be capable of 1000Hz? Do you think the speed may limited by available libraries and CPU capabilities also? I can record the event using my scope at much higher rate if there’s an analog output, do you know if any have this at higher speeds?

For several one-off experiments I’ve collected accelerometer data at 1 kHz, using an SPI connection. I had no problems. A data rate of 1 kHz should not tax any Arduino.

A library is not necessary if you spend some time with the data sheet. I recommend to avoid the bloatware Adafruit “unified sensor approach” libraries. Several assume that you want to use event scheduling, which will probably interfere with rapid data transfer.