Faster way to program wixels?

Eventually I’m going to have to load code into as many as 20 or more wixels for my project. But everytime I connect a new wixel to my Windows XP (sr3) system, its at least 5 minutes before its ready to program. The OS reports “found new hardware”, I tell the install wizard to go ahead and search for the appropriate driver and install it, it then searches for a while, finds, and installs all over again, copying driver files I’m sure are already there (and proceeding very slowly I should add). So anyway, is there any tool I could use to shortcut this seemingly redundant and time consuming process?


I recommend upgrading to a modern version of Windows. In all versions of Windows after Windows XP, there is no “Found New Hardware Wizard” and Windows is capable of automatically installing USB drivers when you plug in a new Wixel. In Windows Vista and Windows 7, this process takes a few seconds and you can see the progress if you double-click the animated icon that appears in the system tray. In Windows 8, I think the process became even faster; it seems seamless to me. Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP pretty soon: … pport.aspx

However, does it really take 5 minutes? That seems pretty slow, even for Windows XP.

A project with 20 Wixels sounds pretty exciting. Please let us know more about it when you are ready!


Thanks! That’s a good reason to upgrade my windows on at least on ONE machine!

As an engineer I’m sure you understand that regular battle we face and why I’m always the last to upgrade windows. The number of old compilers and utilities I still have and use, some 16 bit DOS utils like Borland C that will only run in a DOS box, and other much more recent and very expensive applications that will all likely need time consuming and pricy upgrades. At least these days multiple machines is the norm, allowing for a slower migration!

As to my project with over 20 wixels, its still in the works. But I very much look forward to your next big sale! (Hint Hint!) I bought about 1/2 dozen last year when you did, and now wish I’d have bought 4X that number! :slight_smile: