Fast responding pressure sensor

I am looking for a (air/gas) pressure sensor which can send an interrupt to a processor in case of a pressure drop.
In other words; my processor needs to know as fast as possible about a pressure change.

Which sensors are fast??

Pressure sensors are fast and respond in milliseconds at most, but all the ones I know about are intended to interface with a microcontroller and provide a continuous measurement.

It sounds like you want some sort of pressure sensing alarm module and those are not common. However, it would be easy to make one with a small single board computer like a Baby Orangutan, a PIC or ATTiny micro or an Arduino Teensy


Our LPS331AP pressure/altitude sensor carrier has two programmable interrupt sources that can be configured to trigger different pressure events. You can find more information in the LPS331AP datasheet.

- Jeremy

I didn’t know about that chip, or the pressure interrupt capability, and that is a pretty cool feature! The price is good, too. Thanks!