Extracting script from a servo controller

I have programmed 4 different servo controllers (3 micro maestro and 1 mini maestro) and unfortunately the computer I was using was stolen. Can I extract the script from the controllers and save it to my new computer. I do not want to have to rewrite all the code again?

Hello, Gary.

Sorry about your computer!

Unfortunately, there is no way to read the script from a Maestro. We didn’t add a USB request for doing it because we didn’t anticipate the need for it and because we were short on program space. Even if you got a PIC18 programmer you wouldn’t be able to read it because the entire flash memory is protected.

Do you happen to have a backup of your computer’s registry somewhere?


has this been changed, so we can read the script from the maestro yet?

or is there a way to clone the Maestro’s script? This would be almost as useful for my problem.

Unfortunately, there is still no way to read the script from a Maestro, and there is no way to clone the Maestro’s script.