Extending the LCD on the SVP-1284


I would like to detach and extend the LCD on my SVP-1284 and maintain the LED backlight & control feature. The standard 16x2 LCD that comes with the SVP has the backlight pins on a separate set of pins which will make the extension a bit messy plus the connector on the LCD is a female.

It looks like the 20x4 LCD (item 676), 2x8 shrouded box (item 898) and the 16 conductor ribbon cable (item 973) would work plus give me a 20x4 display with control of the backlight via the backlight control connection (JP19). The A and K pins on the SVP’s LCD male connector are controlled by Q1 driven by JP19 and would extend via the ribbon cable to the 20x4 display.




Yes, that would work.

- Ben