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Extending range of Wixel unit?

On the Wixel page it states the range is ~50 feet using the trace antenna it has.

Is there some modification that can be made to increase the available range between two Wixels? Possibly a point to attach an external antenna connector?

Just browsing TI’s website they list several documents detailing different antenna designs, so there should be a specific design that provides more range, right?

Hello, aEx155. Unfortunately we don’t know of any modification that can extend the range of the Wixel. --David

You may be able to attach a gain antena thats bi-direction but only about 2db or it might put to much strain on the wixel.
Try 3dr telementry set it will give you a 1km at 433mhz or 900mhz but you lose the ablity to have script in it’s head. But work arounds are easy to come bye.