Extend buttons

I am getting back into 3pi programming after being away for a couple of years. I currently have my 3pi configured as a slave to a Baby Orangutan on the top with a number of different sensors. I would like to use the three pushbuttons on the 3pi to control different behaviors of the robot. Is there an easy way for the Baby Orangutan to read the button presses? I am using the standard 3pi expansion kit with cutouts. Thanks for any help or ideas.


Hello, Ed.

The serial slave program does not have anything built-in for sending the state of the buttons. You might try modifying the serial slave program to send a different string when each button is pressed. Alternatively, it might be easiest to just add additional buttons to the top expansion board and connect them directly to your Baby Orangutan.

- Jeremy

Thanks Jeremy, I was hoping that there was a pin that could be extended up or some other way. I will look into doing something else.