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EXCEL 2010- Model Engineering College

Come September Model Engineering College, Thrikakkara hosts an array of Robotics events for our Tech-Managerial event, EXCEL 2010.

Nexus Navigate: In association with IIT-B Techfest 2011, we are hosting the south zone contest of the reputed international event Nexus navigate.
Nexus is held as a preliminary level competition from where the top three winners of each centre are selected to compete against the best in the country in India’s national robotics challenge to be held at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.
visit: techfest.org/initiatives/wor … nge/nexus/

Other events from out labs:
Robolt: The objective is to make a robot which will complete the track in the least amount of time. The robot should be autonomous, i.e it should not be controlled by human operated remote controls.This will be a team event and each team can have a maximum of three members. Teams may be given time to practice on the track. Points will be awarded primarily based on the the lap timings.

Robo Wars: Design a robot which is capable of driving through different surfaces irregular, slippery, sandy, etc, collecting the flags and driving the opponent’s robot out of arena either by pushing, dragging, lifting and throwing, or making them immobile by any means within the specified time.
The event is on a Knock Out format. The participants will be given slots and the game will begin. The last man standing is the WINNER!!

MORE DETAILS: excelmec.org/

Oil those Bots and get them to MEC !!!