Examples/documentation for A-Star 32U4 Robot Controller LV w

Will the documentation and examples for interfacing the A-Star 32U4 Robot Controller LV with Raspberry Pi Bridge to a Raspberry Pi (mentioned here: pololu.com/docs/0J66/3.4) be available soon?



We don’t have official examples yet or a timeline for releasing them, but if you are willing to fill in a lot of details yourself, I can give you some help getting started.

As part of a personal project, I was working on an example of A-Star/RPi communication before the A-Star Robot Controller was released: you can check it out in my GitHub repository. It does work on the robot controller, but it is not a finished project, so some parts are probably missing.

I just now updated the README in that repository with a brief overview of my approach and the challenges involved - mainly the Raspberry Pi’s I2C bug - but I would be happy to discuss it more on the forum if you want to try to use my code as a starting point.


Thanks, Paul - I’ll take a look when I get a chance. Thanks!