Example code of Maestro Controller in Arduino does not work

I am new to programming and I am using micro maestro servo controller, arduino uno and power hd 1501mg. I want to learn fundamental control of servo motor and I want to try example cod which named “Basic”. I am sure that I did wiring correctly. However, my servo doesn’t move. Also, I have tried it from Maestro Control Center to check if it works or not.

What can I do to control servo? Thank you for reading and attention.


It seems that you created this post after emailing us about this problem. We responded to your email, but unfortunately, missed seeing your post. From our last email exchange, it sounded like this problem was resolved. Is that still the case? If so, it might be helpful for others, who might be having a similar issue, if you can provide details on how you fixed it.

- Amanda


First of all I want to thank you for all of your response.
Maybe it sounds ridiculous but the problem was one of my wire.
The example codes works perfectly when all the instructions is done.