Example code not working

Like the title says most of the example code are not working with my zumo robot and not sure why.


I moved your post to the “3pi, m3pi, and Zumo robots” subforum, which is more appropriate.

It is difficult to help you troubleshoot the issue without more details. We make two versions of the Zumo Robot: the Zumo 32U4 Robot and the Zumo Robot for Arduino. Which Zumo version are you trying to program? You should verify that you have downloaded the correct library for your Zumo version. The links to their libraries can be found under the “Resources” tab on any of their product pages.

By the way, for future posts, I strongly recommend that you look at our Support page. Specifically, the “General troubleshooting advice” and “What to write” sections of the page might give you some insight into how you can get more helpful responses.

- Amanda

I’m using the zumo robot for arduino, I have the correct library’s installed. I’m trying to make a sumo bot at the moment but haven’t had any success with your code. Also the collision detect and some others like the third tone program dont work.

Your description still is not giving me a better idea of the issue you are having with the Zumo. What Arduino board are you using? What does your Zumo do after you have uploaded the BorderDetect code onto it? How are you testing the code to see that it performs as expected? A video showing the problem would be best. Also, if you are getting any errors in the Arduino IDE when uploading the examples onto your Arduino board, can you post screenshots of them here?

You mentioned the ZumoBuzzer example not working for you. If you are sure that you installed the Zumo libraries correctly, then I suspect that there is something wrong with your jumper configuration. See the “Jumper settings” section in the Zumo Shield for Arduino User’s Guide for more details.

- Amanda

Leonardo. with the border detect from the 32u4 code, it does nothing. The motors code works. The <Zumo32U4.h> and <Zumo32U4Buttons.h> are in the file but don’t seem to be seen by arduino.

Even though you are using an Arduino Leonardo, which uses the ATmega32U4 microcontroller, I do not expect the Zumo 32U4 Robot examples to work on the Zumo Shield for Arduino, because they are very different from each other. You should be using the Zumo Shield for Arduino library and examples.

- Amanda