Establish DGPS Using"66-Channel LS20031 GPS Receiver Module"

Hi every one
I want to establish a DGPS network to get the accuracy in a 10m*10m room about 10 Cm.
Buying extra high accuracy GPS modules seems an impossible solution for me so instead I decided to use Differential GPS technique.
The module that I have considered is “66-Channel LS20031 GPS Receiver Module”. The nominal accuracy of this module stand-alone is about 2.5 m and it seems it has a good performance for indoor applications.
Has anyone done this before? Is this module proper for this kind of use?
And can I expect the accuracy of about 10 Cm?
Thank you very much


I have no experience with DGPS, but I’m skeptical that you’ll be able to so dramatically increase the accuracy of the GPS modules, especially indoors where GPS works poorly. Have you read some sort of guide about setting up your own differential GPS system using normal units, or are you just hoping it will work? As far as I can tell, the differential technique only works to eliminate certain types of positional error, and I suspect other error sources will remain that keep you from getting 10 cm accuracy.

As long as you go in with your expectations low, it could be a fun experiment, though. If you do try it, I would be very interested to hear your results!

- Ben

Thanks Ben alot, I really appreciate you take your time.

Yes as far as my research goes, this is possible and there have been reports about accuracies range between 9 to 17.5 cm.
The only thing necessary for the computations is the receiver module’s ability to provide you with raw data captured from each satellite like raw pseudorange or carrier/phase and stuff (not really an expert myself) not only the NMEA informations.

It would be nice if I can ask these questions from the original manufacturer… can you provide me with any contact information?

You might be able to find the answers to your questions by looking at the resources we provide for the GPS module:

The datasheet has contact information for the manufacturer.

- Ben