Error in 3pi library func

wenever i even copy n paste the sample programs i get loads of errors but wen the same is run in the sample program it works dnt knw how to get the library func in contact with the new file pls help


It sounds like you have a 3pi and are having trouble running code from the example programs that we distribute with our Pololu AVR Library. In the future, please try to be more precise and descriptive when asking for help so that we can be sure what you need help with. (In addition, the spelling mistakes and complete lack of capitalization and punctuation in your post make it very hard to read.)

If the examples work for you when you open the existing .aps (AVR Studio 4 project) files, but not when you copy the code into your own programs, you are probably not setting up your project to link to the libraries properly. This section of the library user’s guide explains how to do that.

- Kevin