Erasing device failed - Windows 8

Hello, when programming my 3pi, I came across this error, and I can not solve it. Need help !!


Thank you for posting those screenshots! From your second screenshot, it looks like Atmel Studio is indicating that your 3pi is not operating within a safe voltage range for it to be programmed. Do you have the 3pi powered on? If so, can you try changing out the current batteries with fresh batteries and see if that fixes the problem?



Thanks for answering me fast! I discovered by trial and error (unfortunately), that the robot has to be on to be programmed, but I still have questions…

Firstly I would like to know why these errors, are not programming errors, because i’m testing a program already created


Second thing, when I go looking for the .hex or .elf file, they do not appear in the destination folder, not even in the pololu testing folder// C:\libpololu-avr\examples\atmega328p

And lastly it’s a question about programming. How the #include <name/name> command is used? Do I have to put the specified library in a folder or not? Is the final file being sent to the robot just a text file generated by Atmel?

It sounds like you were able to resolve your initial issue. Thank you for letting us know.

I am assuming that you are referring to the error messages shown in the Output pane of Atmel Studio in Screenshot_1.png. If so, it looks like you have another main defined somewhere in your project. From your screenshot, it looks like there are some Atmel Software Framework (ASF) files that got added to your project, and those are probably causing problems. How and where did you install the Pololu AVR library? Did you follow the instructions under the “Programming in WIndows with Atmel Studio” section in the Pololu AVR Programming Quick Start Guide?

You first need to successfully compile the project to generate output files like .hex and .elf; if Atmel Studio was unable to compile the program, I do not expect it to create new output files in its project directory. However, you should be able to find the .hex files for each the AVR library’s examples under a folder there called, hex_files, in C:\libpololu-avr\examples\atmega328p and load it onto your 3pi.

The #include directive tells the preprocessor to search for a specified header or file and replace the directive with the entire contents of that header or file. (For specific details, see this page about the directive on the MSDN website.) If the library was installed properly, you should not need to restructure the contents of the library to get it to work in Atmel Studio. As I said before, when you compile a program successfully, Atmel Studio generates a .hex file that you can load onto your 3pi.

- Amanda

Thank you for helping me, Amanda. I managed to solve the last 2 problems, unfortunately I do not know what happens to the first one, when I tried to get some code that someone had created, unfortunately those errors happen, however there is no code I create does not have it. But a few hours ago I published a new post in the forum, with doubts regarding programming. If you can help me in these doubts I thank you very much!