Equation Driven tracked robot

Hello guys…I am planning to make a tracked robot , that is connected to a computer ( wired or wireless ) such that I make an interface on computer , that I can tell the robot to move( or driven ) by an equation.
for example if I want it to move on a str. line I just send him to move on : y=aX+b

I am sure that is possible , and it’s not easy , but I don’t know where to start…Any ideas will be appreciated .thanks guys

Before building anything, you can learn a lot about robot steering using robot simulation software. I’ve found the program Mobotsim to be very useful and easy to learn. It is free for a month and cheap after that: mobotsoft.com/?page_id=9

Thank you bro …any ideas guys ?

A general approach to produce a track that follows an equation is to reduce the equation to a series of endpoints and have the robot go to each one in succession. You have to do this anyway, because for example, the line aX+b is infinitely long and you have to start somewhere.

yes sure , you are right.this equation is general , so u can change a , and x and b … for example y=4X +2 and x is variable but know , so robot moves according to x and y