Endurance news


We have some really cool updates:

  1. We have made a first launch of 6 watt infrared diode laser (808 nm)

Place a pre-order now and save money!

  1. 30-th of April was the last day for 10 watt laser giveaway http://endurancelasers.com/giveaway-of-a-new-10w-endurance-laser/

Do not miss an opportunity to win 10 watt Endurance laser!

  1. We opened a new education center page: http://endurancelasers.com/education-center/

  2. More nice videos are uploaded on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLVtLSTxwLPs74x1cUoAHzA/videos

  3. We updated the page about our custom development: http://endurancelasers.com/customer-based-solutions/

  4. Free sketch to make your own Arduino power and frequency generator for your laser: http://endurancelasers.com/arduino-generator-for-the-laser/

7.Get an ultimate 33% off on Any Endurance laser till 10-th of May, use a special promo code “3 years of Endurance” http://endurancelasers.com/order-now/

  1. If you are an expert in electronics, metalwork and love do things yourself, try Endurance laser kit and make your own laser followed by Endurance guidance: http://endurancelasers.com/diy-laser-kit/

If you have any questions, please text me +79162254302 (whatsapp, viber, telegram)
Skype: George.fomitchev

or email: gf@EnduranceRobots.com