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Encoders for brushless motors

I have 6 GARTT ML5015 brushless motors and their corresponding esc s controlled by a USB connected Maestro. They work quite well.

I need to add encoders to the six motors, to act on number of turns or partial turns on all six motors.

Not sure which pololu encoders and controllers to use. I would be fine just adding an encoder susbsystem separated from the brushless current start speed stop, and have my software make all decisions based on encoder data.

Removing the current maestro and or esc s and replacing with new hardware is also fine.

Can you please assist?


Hello, Dave.

Unfortunately, we cannot hep you with encoders for those brushless motors; all of ours are designed for our brushed DC motors. You might try contacting the manufacturer of your motors to see if they have any options. If not, and you want to try to use our encoders, you would need to come up with a way to mechanically couple an encoder to the motor’s output shaft and mount the board in an appropriate place.

Please note, the Maestro is not a practical choice for reading encoder signals since it does not support interrupts. You might consider adding a separate microcontroller like an Arduino to handle those encoder signals.


Hello Derrill,

Thanks for the prompt response.

I looked into your encoders and think they can be used.

I understand how to connect one arduino to one encoder, but was looking to get the six encoders connected at the same time and reading them all round robin to control the motors through the maestro…

Decided to try the encoders each conected to a OrangePi0, in an ethernet network concentrated into a controlling OrangePi0 controlling a Maestro via USB, the Maestro to the escs and then the motors.

I’ll update with results in a couple of weeks…

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