Encoder harness for Pololu 50:1 Metal Gearmotor

Is there a harness for sale that I can attach to (some or all four of) the encoder wires coming out of the gearmotor to plug 'em into the X2 controller? The four wires are:

Blue Hall sensor Vcc (3.5 – 20 V)
Green Hall sensor GND
Yellow Hall sensor A output
White Hall sensor B output

(btw, these gearmotors work great.)


You can solder the leads to male headers, but the cleanest solution would probably be to use male crimp pins with crimp connector housings (you’d probably also want a crimping tool). Our crimp connector housings make it easy to make your own custom cables, especially when used with our wires with pre-crimped terminals.

- Ben

Perfect, thanks. The crimp pins & connector housings looks like the best solution (and I have a good crimping tool).