Encoder feedback on Baby Orangutan B-328


I’m looking for an inexpensive dual-motor controller with rudimentary encoder feedback. It seems feasible, given encoder frequency in 100Hz range, to use pin change interrupts on Baby Orangutan B-328 to count encoder pulses. There would be even simpler way: using 2 timer/counters to count encoder pulses, if only PMWA and PMWB lines of TB6612FNG were used for PWM control signal instead of AIN1, AIN2, BIN1 and BIN2. Is there any particular reason for this design decision? Any chance of changing it in the future?

On slightly different subject - are there any plans to release Baby Orangutan board with STM32 MCU?


Hi, Paul.

Is there a reason you cannot use the Pololu Wheel Encoders library, which uses pin-change interrupts? The details about it are in the Pololu AVR Library Command Reference.

The reason for controlling the TB6612FNG as we do is that it requires fewer I/O lines (four instead of six).

There has been some talk of it but no concrete plans. If we made something like that, what particular features would be appealing to you?

- Ryan

Hi Ryan,

Pololu Wheel Encoders library will work just fine - I didn’t know it existed.

STM32 would allow for high end motion control with its 32-bit CPU and hardware encoder interface. Better yet, STM32 F4 has a camera interface and serious processing power (compared with ATMega), which opens a whole range of new possibilities.