Enclosure option for wixel

Hey guys. I don’t know if you’ve started to see more orders coming in for wixels. If so, this is why:


Anyway, it would be really really helpful if there was some sort of a packaging / enclosure option for the wixel. Some kind of very slim-line like thumb-drive type enclosure, even better would be with a micro B OTG connector on it on a really short (e.g. 4") tail.

Thank you for the suggestion. We will keep it in mind; although, it is not something that is currently high on our priority list. You might also try contacting a local hackerspace to see if they could help design and fabricate some kind of case.

Thank you for sharing the link to the “CGM in the Cloud” Facebook group. If you wouldn’t mind sharing, I would be interested in hearing more information about how you are using the Wixel in your system to send data from the Dexcom G4 to the cloud.


HI Brandon

the Dexcom transmitter uses a TI CC2510 I believe. So we just need something that will receive that (SimpliciTI) and make it available to a connected android smartphone. We poll it over the USB/serial connection from the phone and push it to the cloud.

Unfortunately they use a non-standard crystal I belive in the transmitter, so we can’t get the exact frequency (about 1kHz out). This severely affects range I believe (or there’s some other issue e.g. variability in the printed antenna on the wixel). The CC2511EMK has the same 48MHz crystal but has greatly superior range. It could also be some other setting (e.g. IF bandwidth or something) that I’ve yet to discover.