EMI Certification

We are planning on using various Pololu step-down modules as POL supplies for CAN network nodes. Specifically parts D24V3F3, D24V5F3, D36V6F3, D24V**F5 and D36V28F5, depending on power requirements of the particular node.

Do these have EN55022, FCC Class A/B or equivalent certification? If not, can you publish values for LC input filters for them to meet Class B requirements? Many module manufacturers (like Murata or CUI) include these values in the datasheets, but I could not find anything on Pololu website.


We do not have FCC certification or any equivalent for our regulators, and we do not have any recommended filter values. If you are making a product that needs FCC compliance, there are probably regulator module makers out there that have better compliance information (sorry, we do not have a particular one to recommend). But keep in mind that your overall system, including your wiring and enclosure, will impact EMC performance, so you will still have to make sure your end product is compliant with whatever restrictions there are on your class of product.