Embrio - a new visual programming environment for Arduino


I’ve recently released a new visual programming environment for the Arduino called Embrio, more info at embrio.io

Like other visual languages it’s easier to pick up than coding, especially for non-programmers. But unlike other visual languages, it has much more depth and capability so you won’t quickly run into a wall with what you can do with it. It’s designed to be a serious development tool for embedded and embodied programming, not just a toy language for kids.

There are a series of beginner tutorials available at: embrio.io/projects/beginner-tutorials/, which I’ll be continuously adding to.

And also check out this autonomous wall avoiding robot car project to see how it’s intended to be used for bigger projects: embrio.io/projects/advanced-tuto … nomous-car

The software is in active development, I have a lot planned for the coming months, including a Linux/Mac UI once the Windows version is solid enough. Sign up on the mailing list for updates, and post in the forum if you have any questions or problems!

Thanks for looking!