Electret Microphone Breakout MOD

My mod Idea is for your Electret Microphone Breakout

Is it possible to replace the microphone on this board?
Given that the board was designed for the specifications and sensitivity of the selected Electret perhaps there may be some adjustments needed to do this.

The selected microphone on this unit is quite large.
I wonder if this choice was made because if it’s desired specifications or just a budget choice?
I wish to use a few smaller electrets I have from mp3 player/recorders.

Another thought I had was consolidating this with another device like an mp3 recorder. would it be possible to have a single mic function in this board and input for another device simultaneously?


Thank you for your suggestion. However, we do not manufacture that product. Perhaps you can try contacting the manufacturer, Sparkfun, directly with your requests? If size is the issue, have you considered the lower-profile ADMP401 MEMS microphone breakout board (also from Sparkfun)?

- Ben

Thanks Ben,
I posted my inquiry in the SF comments.
To be honest, I’m not very familiar with mems technology. I did some research prior to ordering on it and concluded that the Electrolet would be more sensitive, was I wrong about that?

My desired application is VOX type activation.

I’m not sure if it’s possible, but if I can consolidate this unit with devices that already have an electrolet then that would be a reason to go this route. (my thought is to just connect to the output and let the native circuitry power the mic, but I haven’t tried it yet)