Eleactonics @ techkriti'08 IIT Kanpur

Hello friends,
We are pleased to inform you all that IIT Kanpur is going to organize it’s Annual International Science and Technology festival , Techkriti from 14th feb to 17th feb, 2008.
Here you will find a huge arena of competitions,lectures, workshops and lots more.

Regarding electronics here we have

ECDC( Electronic Circuit Design Competition ) : ECDC provides you with the perfect opportunity to let your knowledge of electronics put to action. This is the place where you make circuits do things you’ve always wanted them to do. The platter of sub-events we offer you lets you trudge through the nuances of electronics and uncover your hidden talents. So come over and let’s have it all at ECDC, Techkriti’08.

ECDC-ElectroMania: The event challenges the 1st year undergraduate designers. Grab your electro-palette and let your circuiting talent do the greater good in our competition series. Envisage how a thoughtful design can make a difference!
ECDC-Embedded Design: This is for the ultimate electronic geek where you embed cool programming into electronic circuitry to achieve a near-professional design. This is also a pre-design contest open to all where we expect you to bring a circuit already made based on the problem statement. This would be based on MCU programming and its integration with an external circuit. Come, let’s be professionals.

So hurry and get yourself registered.
Do visit: www.techkriti.org

For any sort of querries mail to : contact@techkriti.org

Wishing you all a very happy new year
with best wishes,
Hospitality team ,
IIT kanpur