Editing a single frame

I am designing a cuckoo clock with 12 servos. I am using a Mini Maestro 24.
I need help with editing various frames.
I created a scrip that will use 32 frames and a single sequence.
Is there a was to change one of the frames in a sequence or do I need to create a new frame then delete the old one?
When I spot an error is there a way to look back on that frame to see if I can spot the problem?


If you are using the sequencer in the Maestro Control Center, you should be able to load whichever frame you like by selecting it in the “Fames:” list and clicking the “Load Frame” button. After doing this, when you go to the “Status” tab, you should notice that all of the channels match the frame you just loaded. Once you make whatever adjustments you want (e.g. adjusting a servo slightly to fix an error), you can go back to the “Sequence” tab, select the same frame from the “Frames:” list, and click the “Save Over Current Frame” button. This should save whatever changes were made and update the frame to match.

By the way, your cuckoo clock sounds like a fun use of a Maestro! If you do not mind sharing, you might consider posting about it in the Share Your Projects section of the forum when it is finished. I am sure others here would find it interesting as well.


Thank you Brandon. It seems so easy now, I was messed up in my thinking. I appreciate your assistance.
I have a second question, but I believe it should be a new posting.