Editable I2C addresses for G2 18v15

I want to purchase 4 of these motor controllers to control 4 separate motors. These motors need to be independently controlled, so I need to send different signals to each controller. I have not seen any way to alter the SMC G2’s i2c address nor an XSHUT pin to turn off the i2c controller. So is it possible to control 4 separate boards with i2c or will I have to use a different communication method?


You can control up to 128 separate G2 Simple Motor Controllers (SMCs) using I²C . To edit the “device number” for an SMC, which is also used for the I²C address, connect it to your computer via USB, run the SMC control center, and open the “Input settings” tab. The “device number” field is in the “Serial Protocol” box. Remember to click the “Apply settings” button for the change to take effect. You can find more information in the “Serial and I²C settings” of the user’s guide.

- Patrick