Eclipse issue with wixel

Hi, i am trying to setup wixel with Eclipse, when i try to run Build i get an error

“sdcpp command not found”

any ideas ?

Hello. SDCPP is the C preprocessor used by SDCC. It seems like SDCC is having some trouble finding it.

What operating system are you using? Could you post the entire build output from Eclipse so we can see the context of that error? Also, are you able to build by just using a Command Prompt and typing “make” in the wixel-sdk directory? If not, could you post the entire output from the Command Prompt?


i am using MacOS X. Yes SDCC works perfect when i run it in the command line of the same directory. It is only when “make” is launched from eclipse. Let me get the output files.

Hi this is the log:

20:41:47 **** Build of configuration Default for project wixel-sdk ****
make all
cp libraries/src/spi_master/core/spi_master.c libraries/src/spi_master/spi0_master.c
cp libraries/src/spi_master/core/spi_master.c libraries/src/spi_master/spi1_master.c
cp libraries/src/uart/core/uart.c libraries/src/uart/uart0.c
cp libraries/src/uart/core/uart.c libraries/src/uart/uart1.c
Compiling libraries/src/adc/adc.rel
sh: sdcpp: command not found
at 1: warning 190: ISO C forbids an empty source file
make: *** [libraries/src/adc/adc.rel] Error 1

20:41:48 Build Finished (took 601ms)

Found the problem, you may want to add this to your “10.c. Using the Eclipse IDE”

You need to add the SDCC/bin as a new PATH variable

Go to Preferences > C/C++ > Build > Environment

Click Add…

Then on Name:

Add “PATH”

Then on Value:

Add your path to the SDCC bin directory

I am glad you were able to solve the problem, and thank you for letting us know. I am not sure how it would be possible for sdcc.exe to be found correctly while sdcpp.exe cannot be found. However, one thing occurs to me: when an environment variable like the PATH is changed, programs need to be restarted before they can see the new value; maybe you never restarted Eclipse after installing SDCC?


i restarted it. i can reproduce the issue again if i remove it. maybe it is a macos only thing.