Eclipse icon question

I’m using Eclipse to build my app
most things are starting to make sense, but…
in the C/C++ projects window I can see my source files (and a shed-load of other files :slight_smile: )
one of them (it’s a c source file) seems to be greyed out and the icon has a line through it
I can still edit it and it compiles just fine
none of the other files have this icon???


hmm tried to add a picture (icon.jpg)
got a message
"Image file type mismatch: expected extension bmp but extension jpg given.“
ok - tried icon.bmp
got a message
"The extension bmp is not allowed.”

ho ho ho!

Hello. I don’t think I’ve seen the icon you are describing so I don’t know what it would mean. You could try pressing F5 to refresh Eclipse’s view of the files. If you want to post a screenshot here I recommend using PNG format, rather than BMP or a BMP with a .jpg extension.


here’s how the story goes
the file in question had an include that Eclipse didn’t know about (but still compiled ok)
once I fixed that the file was ok
but the icon didn’t change until I closed and opened Eclipse

with luck and a following wind - here is the offending icon…