Eclipse hell

At the risk of highlighting my stupidity, can someone help me understand whats gone wrong with my eclipse setup and what i need to do to fix it?

While working on a project, I had right clicked on on a SFR register name and requested “goto declaration”. That let me examine the register which was in one of the include files within the library. But then suddenly there were Red X marks near some of the declarations, and since none of this was my code, I just closed the file. But from there on, rebuilds of my app didn’t generate any code. But just to ensure against things like this, I often make a full copy of the whole SDK folder in my workspace, so I can always “go back”. So after trying all kinds of things for an hour, I finally removed the entire contents of the directory and re-filled it with a complete backup. Well all the files are there, but now when I open eclipse that directory isn’t even part of the project. I found my way to “import projects” and wen t to the root directory of the workspace, but the directory doesn’t even show up there. I’ve restarted Eclipse, I’ve verified the whole project SDK directory, and I’ve even rebooted at this point. I’m spinning my wheels and am lost. I may understand C coding, but Eclipse has become a complete mystery to me at this point. Thanks for any help.

Well re-copied my entire workspace from a backup, and that restored everything, and I was subsequently able to "paste’ in the code changes I was working on within my app, and began getting clean compiles again. I suppose something must have happened to clobber the eclipse metadata, and I probably made things worse trying to manually copy a backup of just one project into the workspace.

Anyway, its fixed now, though I’m never really happy when I fix things just by going back in time, without ever really knowing the issue. :frowning: